First 100+ kWh Day & Megawatt Generated

Last Friday I completed the paperwork with the sate that makes us an official “Renewable Energy Generator” in Delaware.  In my mind that means I am a power company now or as my brother-in-law describes it “owner of half-mile island“. Today we also hit a couple of milestones. Not only did we generate >100kWh for the day but also reached 1,044 kWh over our first 13 days of production. That comes out to an average of ~80.29 kWh per day over this time period which is about 23% over the 65 kWh I estimated per day for May. Now I am probably unusually lucky with the number of sunny days so far but at least we are doing well out of the gate. If you add up the energy produced & SREC credit the grand total in real $ made over the 13 days is ~$450. Not bad for our first lemonade stand.

I was going to post some video of the meter running backwards but the digital meter I have now isn’t the “smart” meter that is supposedly going to be installed this week.


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