Long Time No See but Plenty of Sunshine in the Meantime


Its been a LONG time since I last posted an update. I guess I have just become lazy since the system has been running flawlessly and churning out power EXACTLY as PVWatts predicted. For the 20 months my system has been in operation PVWatts predicted 33,049 KWH. As of December 31st 2011 I had generated 33,031. That is a difference of ONLY 18 KWH – unbelievable! People ask me what kind of routine system maintenance I need to do – the answer is nothing – seems like when it rains the panels get a good cleaning.

The flawless operation & incredibly predictability of the system has been great. The bad news however is that the Delaware SREC market has TANKED in the past year and despite a recent flurry of legislation I don’t know exactly what is going on except the RECs are at $60 now down from a high of $275 at one point – ouch.


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